Cougar Cookers are pleased to award two (2) annual scholarships to those students demonstrating leadership and active participation in the planning, organization and implementation of Frontier Fiesta on behalf of the University of Houston community.

The Scholarship

Two $3,000 scholarships paid in two installments in the Fall and Spring semesters are awarded to those student leaders who have supported and participated in Frontier Fiesta as a volunteer, irrespective of compensation; those given consideration must demonstrate past involvement and leadership in Frontier Fiesta and continues to maintain active involvement following receipt of the award. The scholarship will be awarded contingent upon the student remaining in good standing at the University of Houston, making satisfactory progress towards a University of Houston degree, and maintaining a full-time course load (12 hours).


The selection committee shall consider past and current involvement, level of participation, other community/university involvement, recommendation letter, transcript details, etc. The scholarship is open to all student participants irrespective of compensation from the Frontier Fiesta organization. There are no restrictions to applicants based on sex, race, nationality, country of origin, physical disability, veteran status, or sexual orientation. Recipients of the award shall not forfeit other scholarships, grants, or awards to which they are entitled.

Application Deadline

All application materials must be received by May 31, 2020.

Click here for scholarship application

Send your complete application package along with one official UH transcript and a letter of recommendation to:

Cougar Cookers Scholarship Program
c/o The University of Houston Alumni Association
P.O. Box 230345
Houston, TX 77223-0345


Please contact Chris Melendez of Cougar Cookers at 713-213-8320, or email at

Permanent Endowment Fund

In addition to granting the above referenced scholarships each year, Cougar Cookers created a permanent endowment fund that is used for general scholarship purposes according to the University’s needs.

Cougar Pride

Another scholastic recipient of Cougar Cookers’ funding is Cougar Pride. Cougar Pride provides scholarship funding for the University’s student athletes.

Previous Scholarship Award Winners

Gifted to UH Library 2018-2019
Gifted to UH Emergency Fund 2018-2019
Gifted to UH Experience 2018-2019
Christian Kladzyk 2017-2018
Viviane Nguyen 2017-2018
Gifted to Cougar Experience Scholarship Fund 2017-2018
Gifted to Cougar Experience Scholarship Fund 2017-2018
Gifted to Cougar Experience Scholarship Fund 2017-2018
Gifted to UH General Scholarship Fund 2016-2017
Gifted to UH General Scholarship Fund 2015-2016
Gifted to UH General Scholarship Fund 2014-2015
Virginia Berens 2013-2014
Hunter Lewis 2013-2014
Dalissia Tezeno 2013-2014
Darren Randle 2010-2013 (3 yrs)
Virginia Berens 2011-2012
Marissa Tarnosky 2009-2010
Catherine Harbove 2008-2009
Jacqueline Guarino 2008-2009
Sherifat Analfi 2006-2007
Vincent “Tony” Norris 2005-2006
Haonhien Duong 2004-2006 (2 yrs)
Leah Hill 2003-2004
Jason Faircloth 2002-2003
Roaxana Tamijani 2001-2002
Julie Grimes 2000-2001