Thursday, February 21

** Donors only **

Tent open 5 pm – 11 pm

Food served 7 pm – 9 pm

Friday, February 22

Tent open 4 pm – 11 pm

Food served 6 pm – 9 pm

Saturday February 23

Tent open 1 pm – 11 pm

Food served 3 pm – 9 pm

* No one under age 21 admitted after 7 pm

2019 Honorees to be announced



De Nora Water Technologies

Richard Orellana


Jay Dorsey and Hernan Morales – Triad Construction, Inc.

Electrified Services

Galene Financial


Glenn and Judie Lilie

John and Billie Schneider


Juan Cruz and Daniella Garcia Mayorca

Tommy and Elaine Ebner


Richard Espinosa

Guardiola and Rosas

Thomas Martinez

Christian and Krissy Miller

Sass by the Glass In-Home Wine Tasting Parties

Nicole Silva

Stacey F. Speier

The Svateks

Texas Sol Real Estate

University of Houston Alumni Association

Rene and Jennifer Vega

White Tucker Company

Samidha Worah


2Nd Floor Bar & Lounge

Art Alaniz

Charlie Avila

Diana and Jorge Benitez

Marc Benitez

Gilbert Berrios

Robert and Shellie Callaway

Crawford & Company

Juan Cruz and Daniella Garcia Mayorca

Jonathan DeLeon and Eduardo Trevino

Scott and Laura Fertak

Miguel Galicia

Gilbert Galindo

Carol Globke and Joe Fietsam

Brandy Guidry


Aydee Huerta and Gerardo Sanchez

Jim and Lynn Kaucher

Stephen Klesel

The Law Office of Jared B. Ynigez, PLLC

The Law Offices of Luis Ruiz

Brian Le

Moises Lima and Diana Luviano

Gabby Martinez and Katelyn Mann

O’Connor, Laughlin, and Friends

Jose Ochoa

Bradley Odom-Harris/Chelsea Taylor



PANK Travels

Dani Papetti and Ryan Kuzma

Alan Powell

R J Milio Company

Javier Rodriguez

Cindy Sanchez and Rafael Vela

Brian and Kati Saxenian

John Stewart and Wilmer Champ

Lynn and Mike Sullivan

The Swopes and The Drennans

Hannah Thibodeaux

James Townsend

UH Phi Mu Alumnae

Rene and Jennifer Vega





Lu Agundiz and Erica Long

Fausto and Elva Almazan

Cynthia Amador and David Ballard


Pete and Ali Brayton

Amanda Campora (Hunt)

Kaleb P. Carr


Kathy and Nick Chauvin

Alan Chavez

Cheryl Cory and Charlie Gauzer

Drue and Steve DaSilva

Ian and Christine Estrada-Paniagua

Eloy and Lucy Flores

Michael and Kimberly Gapinski

Melvin Garcia

Chase and Shelby Rayburn

Gladys Hernandez

Vanessa Hernandez

Russell and Rame Hruska

JM Professional Services LLC

Joe Parker

Tony and Kim Katz

Scott Kelley

Luna Construction

Frank Martinez and Alex Moreno

Marisa Mata

Rolando Miranda

Amanda and Shawn Montag

Heather Nguyen and Jack McClain

Jose C. Perez

Jose C Perez

Nina Perez and Juan Lozoya

Roaxana Poskey

Abigail Reyes

Carlos Reyes

Osvaldo Rocha and Megan Fabian

Rodeo Diva’s

Judge Raul Rodriguez

Faye and Christy Runyon

Brian and Sarah Sharpless

Brett Shulman

Clyde and Lee Etta Sloan

Warren Sloan-Allstate

Ray Urquijo and Yasmine Marquez

David and Monica Vasquez

Chris and Candice Vaughan

Elizabeth West

Marilyn Winniford

Gary Wood and Courtney Sanders

Ana Yepez and Ana Campos

Yorktown Funds


No one under 21 admitted after 7 pm (this applies to children accompanied by parents as well). This is a strictly enforced Rodeo rule.

All persons entering the booth MUST have either a donor badge or guest ticket. Guests must present ticket at the entrance to gain admittance into the booth. Wrist bands will be given out at this time.

All donors and guests, including volunteers, must enter through front entrance. Information on volunteer opportunities will be available at the February meeting.

Please be respectful of the other donors and guests and DO NOT ask to have your guest brought to the front of the line when there is a waiting line to get into the booth.

Donor badges are non-transferable. Guests MUST have guest ticket and must go through the front entrance; this allows us to keep an accurate count of tickets used.

Cougar Cookers will be held
at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Cook-Off Grounds
in the space starting at C-804.